What do you know about the Internet?

Every day we talk about the Internet.

What is the Internet? 

Is it a mail and a video?

Is it a milliard of sites and blogs?

Is it a prezi and a glog?

May be all of it is the Internet?



Read some information about history of the Internet

Answer these questions:


1. Who was the prototype for the Internet created by?

 2. Why was the prototype for the Internet created?

 3. Who was the first attempt to connect two computers and allow them to communicate with one another made by?

 4. Who is known as father of the Internet'?

 5. Why was the first 'www server'set up?

 6. What is the most frequently used search word?

 7. Do you think 'The Internet' will have an important influence on our daily lives?


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

World Wide Web

What do you know about World Wide Web?

Go  to the link


How Much Does The Internet Weigh?

Disadvantages of IP Telephony

The Internet Shopping

Web 2.0

Internet TV


Read these topics and answer the questions in the texts.

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After reading write the essay about an influence of the Internet on your family and your life.


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The WebWise online course

I think you can use the computer and work with the Internet.

There are several courses about using  the Internet.

Study one course.

Tell about your experience.



Internet Society

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